Andeanface is an Ecuadorian-Dutch mountaineering and trekking company. As direct operators we mainly specialise in climbing & trekking in Ecuador, including climbing Cotopaxi and climbing Chimborazo. We also provide logistic support for expeditions in Ecuador.


Andeanface combines two meaningful realities which are the driving forces of our lives: the mountains and the kids of the Andes.
For us, mountaineering is more than reaching the summit. It is an opportunity to share our dreams and our passions for life and nature.
Socially Engaged
We strongly believe that tourism can help children living in poverty in Ecuador.
Therefore we support the Daniëlle Children’s Fund ( and we develop volunteer programs together.
Sharing Values
As mountaineers and guides, we enjoy sharing with our clients our love for the mountains and what we have learned from nature through the years: freedom, camaraderie and teamwork.
The mountains help us to find values that are way more fulfilling than competition and ambition.
  • We invite you to explore Ecuador with a different vision!

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