On the off chance that you purchased Canon Pixma Pro-100 and need to begin printing promptly yet do not understand how to set it up then, we are here to support you and you don't have anything to stress over.


Approaches to setup Canon Pixma Pro-100

There are primarily 3 different ways that you can attempt to use canon pixma pro-100 setup. They are-

  • WPS Connection Method
  • Network Settings Confirmation
  • Standard USB Connection Method

We will explain them below and you can pick the strategy which suits you the best.

Canon Pixma Pro-100 setup through WPS Connection Method

Before setting up Canon Pro-100 utilizing WPS Connection Method, you should remember the accompanying focuses:

  • Confirm that the access point has a physical WPS switch.
  • You can allude to the standard association technique if there is no WPS switch.
  • Ensure that your network is utilizing WPA or WPA2 security convention because a great deal of WPS upheld passageways use it.

Follow the accompanying steps for Canon Pixma Pro-100 setup through WPS Connection Method:

  • Switch on your Canon Pro-100 printer.
  • Press and hold the Wi-Fi button situated on the head of the printer until you see a blue light.
  • When the blue light flashes, ensure that it goes up the pointer. When it arrives at the access, press the WPS button within 2 minutes.
  • The Wi-Fi light will keep blazing while it will look for an association.
  • This is an indication that Canon Pro-100 has been associated effectively.

Canon Pixma Pro-100 setup through Network Settings Confirmation

  • Turn on Canon Pro 100.
  • Load in a letter measured plain paper or A4 sheet.
  • You will see a sign which says Resume/Cancel. Press and hold it till the light gleams for at any rate multiple times.
  • When you discharge it, you will get a print out of the network page.
  • Ensure that you have a functioning association while alluding to the printed page. Guarantee that the Service Set Identifier is showing the genuine name of your remote organization.

Canon Pixma Pro-100 setup using Standard USB Connection Method

  • You are more likely than not received a CD with the Canon Pro 100 printer. Insert it to run the setup.
  • On the off chance that you are a Windows Userand, the CD doesn’t run on its own at that point eliminate the CD, and also, it again in your PC/work area. Go to ‘My Computer’ and snap-on ‘Compact disc ROM’ and afterward double tap on [MSETUP4.EXE]
  • On the off chance that you are a Windows 8 User, then you should double tap on ‘Canon_IJ’. When the choice window springs up, at that point click on ‘MSETUP4.EXE’ to run it.
  • If you are a Mac user then go to the work area and you will see a Canon symbol on which you should double-tap. When you see the determination window, click on ‘Setup’ which will begin the product download connect.
  • Snap-on ‘Next’ when you see the underlying screen.
  • At that point select ‘Wireless Connection’.
  • Snap-on ‘Connect with the network’.
  • In the following window, you will see a choice that says ‘Wireless setup utilizing the USB Cable’. You should choose it.
  • Select the area (US, Canada, India, and so forth) in the following stage.
  • In the following screen, select the language.
  • When you see spring up, you should pick the product you need to introduce, and afterward click on ‘Next’. It’s anything but an issue on the off chance that you don’t recognize the particular packet you might want to include at this level. You can uninstall it whenever relying on your accommodation.
  • Confirmation to the top client permit arrangement and snap-on ‘ok’.
  • Interface Canon Pro 100 printer to the PC/work area utilizing the USB cable.
  • When the printer is identified, it will show up on the screen. Select the favored wireless organization to associate the printer.
  • Whenever it is done, disengage the printer from the PC/work area and afterward select ‘Next’.
  • Move to the subsequent stage in the wake of coordinating the SSID and printer model number.
  • Snap-on ‘ok’ whenever you are finished.

These were some basic steps to set up Canon Pixma Pro-100 without any problem. If you couldn’t set it up, at that point don’t worry. You should simply connect with us and we will help you in the most ideal manner.

Explain some effective ways to fix Canon MX432 printer error?

Canon Mx432 printer is one of the extraordinary printers. It is a wireless association printer, gives astonishing HD shading prints. Very reasonable for home just as for office use. Notwithstanding, now and then even after being the best printer, in light of the error or some glitch they neglect to put forth a strong effort. As you probably are aware the Canon printer brand is known around the world. Because of their printers as well as for their services. Also, yes they offer the best assistance to their clients in illuminating printer errors.

On the off chance that there is an error, the canon printer has its answer. Whatever the glitch or issue you are glancing on your printer, you just need to experience the troubleshooting guide and settle it. Or on the other hand, when it doesn’t get fathomed you can have a go at arriving at Canon printer specialists.

Causes And Solution For Canon Mx432 Printer Errors:

First, you to discover the explanations for your canon printer error, and attempt to tackle the entirety one by one. Start by checking all the wires and links associated with the printer. Check its association, guarantee if it is on, etc.

Here and there when the PC can’t make the association with the printer, large errors arise along these lines. So if this is the issue, at that point attempt to set up the association between your printer and PC. If your printer can’t make an association with the switch, at that point attempt another strategy to reconnect them.

Cause 1: If you haven’t removed the defensive material or tape from any aspect of the Canon Mx432.

While opening and unloading the new printer. It has a couple of parts, this happens more with the new clients when they don’t think totally about the printer.

Next, open the paper yield cover and affirm that there is no tape left, if there is any type, at that point remove it. Additionally, check your ink cartridge holder and guarantee that no tape is connected there too. Close your yield cover and continue further.

Case 2: Do not turn off the power button while printing.

Something else that you have to ensure that it is never turned off the power button while the machine is still during the time spent printing or sending/accepting the fax. Regardless of whether the fax data is put away. However the activity isn’t finished, actually don’t detach the force lines. This could wipe out all the put-away data, so first, complete the errand and afterward switch it off.

After this, you can turn on your Canon printer totally and tackle the paper-jam issue.

Case 3: When paper stay in Paper Output Slot

On occasion, while printing when the printing sheet stalls out or stays stuck in the Paper Output Slot, this can make your total printing experience most exceedingly terrible. This issue has one arrangement that is-basically to remove the paper gradually. You have to haul it out tenderly so as it doesn’t tear up. On the off chance that the paper can’t be pulled out, at that point turn off the machine totally and walk out on. At times after turning it on again, the machine begins printing and your stuck paper will come out.

On the off chance that you don’t have the issue to return once more, so first check the nature of the papers you are utilizing. Papers with creases and overlays stall out effectively inside, so abstain from utilizing such papers.


Other than the previously mentioned issue you may confront others, for example, offline or error state, in such case you can take help from the specialists of Canon printer or visit at canon.com/ijsetup. Canon printer proficient experts are very much prepared and they will fix each glitch that may produce issues.

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