A Troubleshooting Guide and HP Officejet Pro Printer Connectivity Guide Read here complete explanations.


Is it true that you are searching for some strategy that can assist you with associating my HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 to WIFI? Experience this blog you will find your all solutions. In this blog, I will give you all the significant data identified with OfficeJet Pro and its advantages also. How about we start with some essential data.

Coming up next are a portion of the advantages of interfacing OfficeJet to WIFI.

  • Ethernet link not needed
  • Less tedious

Steps to Connect My HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 to WIFI-

The following are a portion of the procedures to associate OfficeJet to WIFI.

Technique 1:- Wireless Setup in Windows

For this technique you to adhere to the beneath guidelines:

Stage 1) To associate your Officejet Pro with the PC utilizing WIFI ensure you have a web, wireless network in the PC, the name of the organization, and the secret key.

Stage 2) Check that your framework and printer are associated with a similar web organization.

Stage 3) Remove all obstructions that come in the middle of PC and printer so that there is no interruption in association all through the cycle.

Stage 4) Initialize the wireless driver in your OfficeJet Pro.

Stage 5) Now go to the wireless arrangement wizard of HP OfficeJet. Open the printer control board and snap on the remote symbol. Hit on the alternative «wireless menu».

Stage 6) Press enter on «wireless settings». Go to the wizard of the wireless arrangement. Recall that your printer will be associated with the organization accessible in its environmental factors.

Stage 7) Visit the board of the printer control. Experience the guidance and attach your printer.

Stage 8) You can take the assistance of the printer manual to download and introduce it. Presently, switch on your printer. Open the program. Enter the model number of the printer. Hit on the download choice.

At long last, your HP OfficeJet is associated with the Windows framework.

Note: The above advances can be utilized to associate the PC to the printer using WIFI.

Technique 2:- Wireless Network in MA

Beneath referenced are a few stages to make a remote association among MAC and printer.

Stage 1) Gather the fundamental prerequisite to make a remote association among printers and macintosh. The necessities are as per the following:

  • Name of network
  • The secret word of network
  • Macintosh framework
  • Web association

Stage 2) Before interfacing the printer to macintosh goes to the control board hit on the remote symbol and afterward on the remote menu. Select the name of your arrangement and adhere to the given directions.

Stepp 3) Now associate the driver establishment and remote organization with the OfficeJet Pro printer. (All the establishment steps are given in the settings of remote printing choice.)

Stage 4) Once your prerequisite is assembled then beginning with the arrangement cycle. For this ensure that there is no USB connection to the arrangement.

Stage 5) You can associate the OfficeJet printer with MAC with 2 strategies

With the assistance of a programming CD Or you can visit support.hp.com or 123.hp.com setup

Stage 6) Now download the driver. You can download any of the drivers from beneath the given rundown.

  • Mac Sierra
  • EI Capitan

Stage 7) Run the arrangement record and explore with the assistance of guidelines showing up on the screen.

Thus wireless association is set up between HP OfficeJet Pro and Mac. Presently you can utilize this printer without an ethernet link.

Explore the most effective strategy to Troubleshoot HP Wireless Printer Connectivity Problems

Scarcely any disappointing things consistently happen when you are going to print any report through HP remote printer. It goes to an unrecognized blunder state which requires some sort of treatment. Maybe you have attempted to reconnect your wifi printer to the organization in your home, yet the issues persevere.

In such a case, you can not avoid your printer with regards to the framework, correct? Along these lines, this guide covers some straightforward guidelines to troubleshoot HP wireless printer connectivity issues.

In a perfect world, a wireless association in the printer permits you to move reports effectively from your gadget to the printer. However, as usual, that is not straightforward in fact.

It is very regular to confront the requirement for HP wireless printer investigating, particularly now and again when the issue is with the network. Consequently, these below strategies will assist you with settling the issue rapidly and get your printer back to constrain.

Realizing how to investigate HP wireless printer network issues, we should begin to diminish a portion of that dissatisfaction with the assistance of the examined arrangements.

  1. Check and Verify the Basics

Before moving to the serious advances, it’s essential to check the needful things like:

  • Ensure that your printer is turned ON
  • Appropriately associate your printer with your PC or the other gadget
  • Review the printer’s toner and paper alongside the printer line. Now and again a print work with some error may hold the printing line
  • Check whether there are any notice lights or blunder messages on the printer board.
  • Check if the printer is associated with wifi. On the other hand, you may even check to utilize a USB association and check whether it works once more.
  • Place your printer in a place with the best wifi sign and least obstruction. Preferably, never keep it excessively far from the switch.
  • Affirm that your gadget is associated with the correct organization particularly when you are utilizing a WiFi range extender.
  • If you have as of late refreshed your program, security program, working framework, or firewalls, it may conceivably prompt an issue while associating with your printer. Along these lines, you can reconnect your gadget to the organization, reconfigure the security settings to incorporate printers, as well as introduce refreshed drivers.
  1. Set Your Printer as Default

It is now and then conceivable that when you are attempting to interface with a WiFi printer, it has naturally set itself as the default. A printer may have introduced programming that has a «virtual» printer so that at whatever point you hit the Print order, the virtual printer spares the record rather than the real report you’re shipping off the actual printer.

  • Snap on Start >> Control Panel >> Hardware and Sound >> Devices and Printers
  • Presently, right snap your printer and select the ‘Set as default printer’ alternative. In conclusion, click on Yes (or OK) to affirm the activity.
  1. Restart All Your Devices

A restart activity can assist you in fixing the product glitches that cause your remote printer and associated gadgets to breakdown. By and large, all the remote printers, switches, PC/other gadgets, remote passages, and modems rely upon your home or office organization to associate with the web.

Anyway as it is arranged, one gadget misbehaves, it may influence the others. Consequently, a restart can explore HP wireless printer connectivity issues after which you can attempt the printer to check whether it works.

  1. Run the Printer Troubleshooter
  • To do this, go to Control Panel >> Hardware and Sound >> Devices and Printers.
  • Presently, right snap the printer symbol and snap the Troubleshoot alternative. The printing investigator distinguishes and fixes potential issues with your printer.
  • On the other hand, you can explore the pursuit box on the taskbar and enter the Printing issue and afterward select Run Troubleshooter. This will download the printing investigator. You can additionally go with the on-screen guidelines.
  1. Check Router Settings

If you supplanted your old switch with another one, at that point you may need to reconfigure the PC and printer to reconnect with your organization. This is because the new switch has an alternate ISP address that requires reconfiguration, and change of switch settings, which are unsatisfactory for your remote printer.

  • To check settings, mail its IP address and login to its administrator page where you’ll discover all the required remote/security settings for your switch


Above in this blog, I have given you the strategy to associate my HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 to WIFI. In this, I have even clarified about OfficeJet and the advantages of utilizing it. I expect this data is useful to you

I expect this article is acceptable to investigate HP wireless printer connectivity issues and HP printer troubleshooting

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